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Texas First Rentals has 40 locations throughout Texas and over 21 locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

The Texas First Rentals location in Arlington at 2935 West Division Street, is NOW a dedicated Trench Safety location.

Texas First Trench Safety steel boxes aid and assist on uniquely complex projects. We offer the highest level of workplace protection and have a full line readily available for valued customers like you.

Our steel-framed, high-grade aluminum trench shields are flexible and lightweight, creating an innovative alternative to steel trench boxes. Comprised of panels, vertical rails, corners, and spreaders, Texas First has this modular design readily available in multiple sizes and configurations that can be adjusted to custom-fit various trench dimensions.

Texas First Trench Safety Slide Rail Shoring by TWF is a modular component system that utilizes a “dig-and-push” method that greatly reduces the risk of cave-ins and trench collapses associated with open trench excavations.

Let Texas First handle your linear trench needs with our lightweight, cost-effective, and efficient vertical hydraulic trench jacks. Ideal for spot bracing repairs and/or inspections, speed shores are an industry-leading solution to protect against trench cave-ins.

Texas First steel road plates allow your construction team to easily reopen the road to regular traffic. At 1" thick, our heavy-duty road plates are equipped with single-point center lifting capabilities for improved balance and control.

Texas First Trench Safety carries KD6/8 overlapping steel sheeting to fulfill the unique needs of each project. It provides an excellent alternative to go around those existing utilities.

At Texas First, we offer a broad range of manhole shields that are commonly used for manhole installations, point inspections, taps, repairs, or box installations.

Count on Texas First Rentals dedicated Trench Safety location in Arlington for high quality brands, safety focus and legendary customer service to meet all your rental needs around Arlington, and surrounding areas.

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